What Is the Function of a Computer Monitor?

function-computer-monitor Credit: Dominik Pabis/E+/Getty Images

The main function of a computer monitor is to display video and graphical information generated by the computer’s graphics adapter, allowing the user to interact with the computer. It is categorized as an output device. The monitor is an essential part of the overall computer system. It is sometimes referred to as the video screen or video display unit (VDU).

There are two main types of computer monitors:

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors utilize a cathode ray tube to display images. The cathode ray tube is constructed using a vacuum tube, heaters, electron guns, deflection circuits and a glass screen. When electrons are produced within the cathode ray tube, the screen is bombarded with electrons, making it glow and produce an image. CRT monitors resemble older television sets. They are bulky and consume a lot of energy.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens utilize monochrome pixels when projecting images. The pixels are arranged systematically between transparent electrodes and polarizing filters. Images are formed when the pixels are polarized. LCD monitors consume less energy and offer better graphics quality. Most computer monitors produced today are Liquid Crystal Display monitors. The screen sizes range from 17 inches to 60 inches.