What Are Some Fun Starfall Math Games for Third Graders?


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Math Journey, Division Pizza and Three Times are fun Starfall math games for third graders. These are three fun and educational games. Starfall uses audiovisual interactivity to teach children how to read and learn math.

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With Math Journey, children practice addition and subtraction by answering multiple choice questions. Kids learn how to represent relationships of quantities using mathematical expressions, inequalities or equations; how to order and compare numbers up to 1,000; addition and subtraction facts; and how to solve subtraction and addition that have one- and two-digit numbers.

Division Pizza teaches children division and fraction skills using an animated pizza. They learn to recognize, compare and name fractions from 1/12 to 1/2; recognize fractions of a whole and parts of a group; and to solve problems with division of multi-digit numbers by single-digit numbers.

Three Times teaches children multiplication skills. Children learn how to solve problems that have division with multi-digit numbers by single-digit numbers and how to do multiplication using repeated addition, arrays, and counting by multiples.

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