What Are Some Fun Online Drawing Websites?


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Some fun online drawing sites are FlockDraw.com, DoodleToo.com and DrawAStickman.com. All of these drawing sites are free to use and only require the user to draw with a computer mouse.

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FlockDraw.com offers a whiteboard for the user to create any type of art he wants. There is a drawing tool, a painting tool, and different shapes and patterns. The user can add colors and text to the final picture. Other users can see what a user is drawing.

DoodleToo.com is an online site where all the players use the same board for drawing. It is a social drawing site combined with a chat room. Every person draws pictures, types text or posts designs that represent their moods.

DrawAStickman.com has the user first draw his own stickman and go on an adventure with his new creation.

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