What Are Some Fun Games by Soft Schools?


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Some games available from Soft Schools include “The Typing of the Ghosts,” “Crazy Taxi” and “Lemonade Stand.” The site offers a range of educational games, as well some that are simply fun.

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“The Typing of the Ghosts” helps kids improve typing skills in a fast-paced game featuring an army of encroaching ghouls. As ghosts appear on the screen, players must type specific words in order to keep them at bay. If players can’t type a word before a ghost gets too close, they lose a life. As the game progresses, ghosts approach the screen faster and words get more difficult.

“Crazy Taxi” is a chaotic racing game that sees players attempt to navigate their taxi through busy streets filled with cars. Using the left and right directional keys, players can move their taxi to avoid traffic, while the up and down keys make the car speed up or slow down. Pressing the space bar allows the car to jump over traffic jams. While the game is quite simple, its quick, arcade style action makes it perfect for younger children.

For older kids, “Lemonade Stand” is a strategy game that teaches the basics of business with a simulated lemonade stand. Running their digital stand, kids learn about pricing, profitability versus quality, supply and demand, customer satisfaction and inventory management.

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