What Are Some Fun "Family Guy" Soundboards?


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Examples of fun soundboards featuring quips from "Family Guy" characters include the ones available on RealmOfDarkness.net, FamilyGuySoundboard.net and Bored.com. The first two soundboards feature multiple characters, including Peter, Meg and Quagmire, among others, whereas the soundboard on Bored.com focuses on Peter Griffin. A Web browser featuring Adobe Flash support is required to play the voices on these soundboards.

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To access the soundboard on RealmOfDarkness, click Soundboards, and click on the image of Peter Griffin. Click on the image or link for the desired character to load the appropriate soundboard, select one of the seasons if available, and click on a line or quip to produce that sound. The soundboard organizes the lines in categories such as money, insults, songs and women.

FamilyGuySoundboard.net includes soundboards for individual characters and the entire family. Once users select the desired characters, the website loads a small Flash game featuring a selection of lines that can be played simultaneously by pressing the appropriate buttons in quick succession.

The "Family Guy" soundboard on Bored.com functions as a separate Flash game that includes lines from Peter Griffin introducing himself, asking various questions, making jokes and being rude. The soundboard also includes an option to stop the sounds from playing in case too many overlap at once. Other "Family Guy" soundboards, such as the one on Soundboard.com, feature individual tracks and a built-in player that doesn’t require Flash. As of 2015, this soundboard features 33 tracks that other users have accessed more than 900,000 times.

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