What Are Some Fun Activities for Keyboarding Practice?

What Are Some Fun Activities for Keyboarding Practice?

Taking typing tests and typing on blank keyboards are fun activities for keyboarding practice. The two activities can be combined to create a challenging activity.

The typing test at 10FastFingers is completely free to take and is browser based. As such, no download is necessary. In addition to displaying your score in detail, it compares your performance to other test takers from all around the world. You can easily turn it into a game with friends and try to beat the scores of one another.

There are also blank keyboards for sale that make looking at the keyboard to find out where the letters are impossible. Therefore, such keyboards force the user to memorize the key layout and improve their keyboarding skills. Das Keyboard sells a blank keyboard that only has two small bumps where the F and J keys are.

Alternatively, you can turn your existing keyboard into a blank keyboard by buying blank keyboard stickers or blank instruction covers. Whereas the stickers conceal the buttons one by one, covers hide the entire keyboard. As a result, stickers do not interfere with how your keyboard feels but are harder to set up.

Combine the two exercises to have the ultimate challenge. You can compete against friends while using a blank keyboard.