How Does Friv Ensure It Is a Safe Online Place for School Kids to Play?

How Does Friv Ensure It Is a Safe Online Place for School Kids to Play?

To ensure that it is a safe site for school kids to play games on, Friv carefully reviews its games for appropriateness. Friv does not feature any communication or social tools, so it is impossible for children to meet strangers or receive messages on the site.

Friv does not host games featuring sexual themes, illegal drug use, excessive violence or bad language. It also limits games that portray alcohol use, gambling or tobacco in a positive manner. Friv's standard for what constitutes excessive violence is based on standards for daytime television that may be viewed by children.

Because Friv does not provide any forum, messaging or chat features, younger users are protected from inappropriate messages and bullying. The lack of social features is intentional, and Friv cites it as an instrumental part of its user safety strategy.

Friv does collect a limited amount of identifiable information from each visitor. This information includes the user's IP address and the date and time the site is accessed. This information is stored for up to one month after the visit, but it is not associated with the user's personal information. These log files are used only for troubleshooting purposes.

Advertisements featured on Friv are supplied by third-party ad networks, and are not controlled by Friv. These advertisers may set cookies on the user's computer, and use this information to target ads. Friv states that this information is not personally identifiable.