How Do You Get More Friends on Facebook?


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The best way to get more friends on Facebook is to send more friend requests. Keep inviting address book contacts and other friends or acquaintances as they come to mind.

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Another way to get more Facebook friends is to join a Facebook group that has people who share similar interests or have a similar background. Some groups, for example, include people who attended the same school or who work in the same industry. There are many websites that offer visitors the option of paying a flat price or subscription fee to increase Facebook likes. Many of these services advertise themselves as social networks where people help each other to increase their online social media presence. The problem with such services is that the Facebook friends gained in this manner are not always reputable or the kinds of people you want posting to your Facebook wall. Many of the customers on these types of sites are Internet marketers who end up sending lots of spam messages or advertisements.

There are many ways to get more Facebook friends in legitimate ways, but it is somewhat time consuming. Getting more Facebook friends is not something that happens overnight. A few new friends are added over time, and eventually, with enough engagement and transparency, more Facebook friendships begin to grow.

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