What Are Some Freely Accessible Chat Bots?

What Are Some Freely Accessible Chat Bots?

Some freely accessible chat bots are Cleverbot, Evie, A.L.I.C.E and Mitsuku. Users can chat with these bots in the web browser using only a keyboard.

Chat bots allow users to have a conversation with a program designed to respond appropriately to typed statements. Chat bots like Cleverbot and A.L.I.C.E respond to the user's messages with text messages of their own. Cleverbot is also available on Android and iOS, but costs $0.99, as of July 2015.

Mitsuku is a chat bot that has a basic text option and a flash based program. Users that want to see an animated avatar and text bubbles can use the flash program on the web browser free of charge.

Evie is a chat bot that is programmed by Existor, the same company that made Cleverbot. It is unique because it has an animated avatar that shows emotion and speaks to the user. Evie is designed to move, blink and smile like a human to give the user an involved chat experience. Users can also chat with its male counterpart, Boibot.

Many of the chat bot AIs are designed to learn as users speak to them. The Cleverbot and Evie websites warn that some users may find the bots inappropriate at times because of the things they have learned from other users.