What Is a FreedomPop Cellphone?


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A FreedomPop cellphone is a phone provided by FreedomPop in qualifying areas, which requires no contract and offers limited amounts of free texting, free data use and free talk every month, as of 2015. Beyond this limited free usage, users must pay for service, as with other phones.

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As of 2015, FreedomPop's cell phones provide 500 megabytes of free data every month and 500 free texts every month. Users may make 200 minutes of phone calls every month for free. Users are not required to sign contracts with FreedomPop and may stop using the service at any time with no penalty.

Not every area in America qualifies for the FreedomPop phones and service. A user visiting the FreedomPop website may enter a ZIP code and email address to see if that area qualifies. The user is then asked what her specific street address is.

If users qualify, they are taken to a page that has the current smartphones offered by FreedomPop, and they can open a new page to see the tablets being offered. Afterwards, if a customer wishes to exceed the free amounts of data, text, and voice every month, she must purchase a data plan. FreedomPop offers a variety of discount, pro, and premium data plans with different data limits and different services optimized for 3G and 4G phones.

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