How Are Fraud Phone Numbers Detected?


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Detect fraudulent phone numbers by closely examining the area code from which the number originates. Fraudsters use phone numbers whose area codes appear to be domestic but are not, explains Joseph Steinberg of Forbes. Fraudsters use area codes that appear as premium service numbers on the victim’s phone.

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Common area codes used for fraudulent phone numbers include 473, 284, 876 and 649, which are all international area codes. Fraudsters using these numbers often let the victim’s phone ring once before disconnecting, which is meant to arouse the victim’s curiosity and encourage him to call back. In some instances, fraudsters allow the victim to answer the call and then proceed to make sounds of distress before hanging up, according to Steinberg.

Use the type of information requested by a fraudster to detect whether the phone number is fraudulent. Fraudsters try to convince their targets to provide personal information via the phone, indicates USA.gov. Scammers often ask potential targets to call a given phone number so as to reactivate their credit or debit cards or to verify their account details.

There are software application service providers that help detect fraudulent phone numbers. Service providers offer fraud phone number detection and mitigation, indicates PhishLabs.

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