How Do You Forward Your Ports on a Belkin Router?

How Do You Forward Your Ports on a Belkin Router?

Enter the IP address and the port numbers in the Belkin-router setup page to forward your ports. You need an Internet connection, a browser, the IP address and port numbers for the inbound application.

  1. Enter the Belkin-router setup page

    Open any Web browser on your computer, and type "" without quotes in the URL text field. Press Enter on your keyboard, and wait for the Web-based setup page to load.

  2. Bypass your Belkin account

    Click the Login button in the top-right corner of the page. Leave the password field blank, and press the Enter key.

  3. Locate virtual servers

    Once the page loads, find the Firewall tab in the list. Next, click Virtual Servers.

  4. Enter the port information

    Click the Enable button, and type the port numbers of the application you want to forward. For example, if you want to forward an Xbox port, type "80" in the Inbound Port section, and set the Protocol to TCP. Next, enter the Xbox Live IP address in the Private IP Address section, and enter the private port information in the appropriate fields.

  5. Save the settings

    After inputting the data into the virtual server, click the Apply Changes button. Exit the router setup page.