How Do You Forward Email?

How Do You Forward Email?

To forward an individual email using Gmail, select Forward from the pop-up menu beside the Reply button. Then, type the address of your intended recipient in the address box, and click Send. Forwarding an email on other email providers' interfaces and on email reader programs is more or less similar.

  1. Open the message to forward

    Go to your Gmail inbox. Then, look for and click on the message you want to forward to open it.

  2. Find the More button

    Look for the More button at the upper right hand corner of the message. The More button is represented by a downward pointing arrowhead and is found right beside the Reply button. Take note that there is another entirely different and unrelated More button beside the Labels button near the top of the page.

  3. Select Forward

    Once found, click on the More button. In the pop-up menu, select Forward. The screen shifts downward, and a new message is created with a copy of the original message in it.

  4. Add a recipient

    Type in the address of your intended recipient in the address box. You can add multiple recipients to the same message by separating their addresses using commas.

  5. Send the message

    If you wish to, you can add more content to the message. Simply click into the message editing box, and add your content. When ready, click on the Send button to forward the message.