What Is a Formula Bar?

formula-bar Credit: BlandineSchillinger/Moment/Getty Images

The formula bar is a feature in Microsoft Excel; this part of the software appears at the top of the Excel window and allows users to edit or enter information in the spreadsheet's cells. This information that can be entered or edited through the formula bar includes formulas, which are combinations of letters, numbers and symbols that can help users perform calculations, such as tabulating the values of an entire column.

The formula bar is a useful feature in Excel that can help users make full use of that software's functionality. Many times, spreadsheets are used to calculate values, including sums of money and quantities of goods. One of the benefits of using Excel for these purposes is that the software can perform the calculations automatically, saving time and preventing the possibility of human error. The formula bar is the place where instructions for this kind of function are given to the software.

In addition to serving as a place to give the software instructions, the formula bar can be used to edit existing text and numerical values in individual cells in the rows and columns on the spreadsheet. In some cases, corrections to existing information in cells can only be edited in the formula bar.