How Do You Format Windows 7?

How Do You Format Windows 7?

To format a computer with Windows 7, insert the installation disc and restart the computer. Remove all partitions before formatting the remaining space on the hard drive.

  1. Prepare your computer

    Turn your computer on as you normally would. Allow Windows 7 to completely load. Insert the Windows 7 installation disc into your computer. This can be in the form of a CD or USB drive.

  2. Restart your computer

    Restart your computer by clicking the Start button. Select Shut Down and then Restart.

  3. Enter the formatting interface

    A prompt appears on the screen asking you to press any key. Press any key to start the formatting interface. When prompted, enter your language preference, and click Next. Select Custom when asked what kind of installation you want. Finally, click Drive Options.

  4. Delete the partitions

    If you have any partitions on your computer, select the partition, and click Delete. Repeat this process until you only have unallocated space left on your computer.

  5. Format the remaining space

    Click the Unallocated Space partition, and then click Format. The remaining space is formatted. When prompted, enter the formatting options you prefer and, click Next. Allow the drive to be formatted, and follow the prompts to reinstall the Windows operating system.