How Do You Format a DVD-RW Disc?

To format a DVD-RW disc in Windows 7, insert the disc into the DVD burner, initiate a burning process via Windows Explorer, and select the desired formatting option. Before formatting the disc, erase the content via Windows Explorer, or use burning software such as CDBurnerXP.

After inserting the DVD-RW disc into the burner, wait for the AutoPlay dialog box to appear, and select the Burn Files to Disc Using Windows Explorer option. Specify a name for the disc by typing it in the Disc Title box, and select the Mastered or Live File System format. Click on the With a CD/DVD player option to choose the Mastered format, which allows you to drag a large number of files to burn at once, or click on the Like a USB flash drive option to select the Live File System format, which provides an option to update or delete individual files. Despite its advantages, the Live File System format is only compatible with computers that run on Windows XP or newer versions of the Windows operating system, while the Mastered format supports older versions.

To erase the content from a DVD-RW disc, open the Computer window via the Start menu, click on the DVD-RW disc icon, and select the Erase This Disc option from the toolbar. Alternatively, navigate to, download the newest version of the software, and install it. Start CDBurnerXP, click on the Erase Disc option, click OK, choose the desired erasure method, and click on Erase Disc.