How Do I Format My Computer in MS DOS?

How Do I Format My Computer in MS DOS?

Formatting a hard drive in MS DOS requires a bootable disk or CD and a new OS CD or disk. Go into the DOS prompt from the boot menu and format from there.

Before beginning the format process, back up any important data. When a drive is formatted, everything is lost.

  1. Insert the bootable CD or floppy disk
  2. Insert the bootable media into your computer and reboot the computer. When the computer turns back on, it will be at the MS DOS prompt.

  3. Give it the format command
  4. At the MS DOs prompt, type in "format c: /s" without quotation marks. The system will then ask for confirmation to perform the format. Type in "y" without quotation marks to continue.

  5. Allow the format to finish
  6. Depending on the amount of data on a hard drive and the size of the drive, the formatting process may take several hours. After formatting is complete, insert the OS disk choice and follow the manufacturer's directions.