What Are Some Football Phone Case Styles?

What Are Some Football Phone Case Styles?

The Diytoto Philadelphia Eagles Snap-on Case, the Full ChiChiC Protective TPU Case, the Trexta Sports Series Snap-on Case and the GameWear NFL Classic Football Pebble are four phone cases styled after football imagery. All four are available on Amazon.com, as of January 2016.

Made of plastic, the case by Diytoto features the logo of the Philadelphia Eagles on the back. The case provides protection against scratch and wear. It fits a Samsung Note 4.

The TPU case by ChiChiC fits the iPhone 6 and 6s, and has a close-up image of a football. Providing openings for ports, buttons and the speaker, the case offers protection against impact. ChiChiC claims to use high-quality raw materials for the case and states that it uses IMD technology to print the image on the case.

Made of real football leather, the case by Trexta features a football texture on the back, openings for all ports and controls, and a hard shell for protection. With elevated parts surrounding the phone, the case enables the user to put the phone face-down without scratching the screen. The case fits iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The NFL Classic Football Pebble case by Gamewear features the logo of 12 football teams on a football-textured background. Customers can choose the logo they want on the case when ordering. Some of the options are Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos and St. Louis Rams.