How Is a Folder Locked on a Computer?


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Mac users can easily lock a folder on their computer with a password needed for access, but Windows users cannot and should rely on encryption to keep their data safe. In either case, locking a folder is necessary to protect financial or private information.

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When using a Mac computer, laptop or other device, protect folders by first accessing the Disk Utility area, technology resource Digital Trends notes. In Disk Utility, access the "File" dropdown, click "New" and finally "Disk Image from Folder." From there, the user can toggle any folder on their computer, name the folder, choose tags to make it easier to find and encrypt it. After encrypted, whenever anyone tries to access this folder, even the user, it requires a password.

Windows users, on the other hand, have to go about protecting their folders in a different way. The Encryption File Service or EFS is available on all Windows computers, laptops and other devices, according to Microsoft. The user can launch the EFS and then select which folders that they want to encrypt. After encryption, the user can still access and review encrypted files normally. Alternately, by hiding a folder, only the user knows where to access it. However, if by chance someone else does find the hidden folder, they can access it without barriers.

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