How Do You Fly a Quadcopter Drone?


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Beginners should start by flying the quadcopter in self-level mode. Engage the throttle upwards to launch the quadcopter, and thereafter adjust it steadily to control the quadcopter's direction. It is best to fly a quadcopter in a large open space.

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How Do You Fly a Quadcopter Drone?
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Quadcopters have many different flight modes, depending on the model. The easiest flight mode for beginners to start with is self-level mode. After selecting the flight mode, start the quadcopter by slowly engaging the throttle upwards, just enough to start the propellers. After becoming comfortable with the throttle's sensitivity, push the throttle until the quadcopter lifts off the ground.

To hover the throttle, adjust the right stick in small increments. To prevent the quadcopter from turning while hovering, adjust the left stick. To fly a quadcopter left, right, forwards and backwards, hold the throttle at a steady rate while maneuvering the corresponding stick in the desired direction. To land the quadcopter, cut the throttle back slowly until it is 1 or 2 inches from the ground. Then, cut the throttle completely, and allow the quadcopter to drop to the ground.

To avoid crashes, keep the quadcopter in a direct line of sight at all times when flying. Carefully monitor the quadcopter to ensure it does not fly beyond the transmitter's range.

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