Is Fixing an IPhone Screen Something an Amateur Can Do?


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Amateurs can repair an iPhone screen fairly easily by following step-by-step instructions geared toward the iPhone version they have. Replacement screen kits can be purchased online at sites such as eBay or Amazon.

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Online video sites such as YouTube feature numerous walk-through videos by users detailing how to replace screens for each type of iPhone. The quality of each walk-through varies, so the videos should be pre-screened before starting any screen replacement attempt. Pre-screening also gives the amateur an opportunity to make sure the screen replacement kit has all the necessary tools, including a strong grip suction cup.

It is important to have a hands-free magnifying glass on hand, because the components in an iPhone are very small, and removing and replacing an iPhone screen is a delicate process. The ribbon cables are fragile, with small connectors at the ends of the cables as well as many tiny screws.

Before reassembling the whole phone, make sure that the LCD display is working properly. Lines on the screen can mean a ribbon is still disconnected. The process can be slow, but it is rarely difficult. It is a good idea to use several videos and to ask for help if necessary.

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