How Do You Fix a Slow Internet?

How Do You Fix a Slow Internet?

To fix slow Internet speed, close all unnecessary windows, check for viruses and spyware, empty your browser cache, and turn off programs running in the background. This takes a varying amount of time depending on the cause of the problem.

  1. Close unnecessary windows

    Before doing anything else, check your open windows and tabs. Windows that are constantly updating or playing videos in the background may be eating up bandwidth and slowing down your overall experience, depending on how many you have open. Pages composed of mostly text files are less likely to cause problems.

  2. Run a virus and spyware scan

    Viruses and spyware can significantly cripple your computer's performance. Running a scan should only take a few minutes, and the process can usually run in the background while you're performing other tasks.

  3. Empty your browser's cache

    When your its memory cache is full, your browser slows down to compensate. This can make it seem as though your connection itself is running slow. Empty it, and see if you notice a difference.

  4. Limit background programs

    Check to see what processes are running when your computer starts. Certain programs may be running or updating in the background without your knowledge. Turn them off if you're not using them and they aren't necessary for normal operation.