How Do You Fix a Security Certificate Error on a Windows Computer?

Fix a security certificate error on a Windows computer by installing the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server on the computer with the issue. Once this is installed, the error message should no longer appear. No additional software purchases are needed to install the certificate, though an Internet connection is needed.

  1. Continue to the website

    Click Continue to this Website (Not Recommended) when the option appears on your computer screen when you receive the security certificate error in Internet Explorer. After you click this option, a certificate warning appears, along with a red address warning bar.

  2. Click Certificate Error

    Click the Certificate Error button on your screen when the button appears. Clicking this button opens an information window.

  3. Install the certificate

    Click View Certificates when the next window opens on the screen. After clicking this button, an Install Certificate option appears on the screen. Click this button. If you are not signed in as an administrator, the option does not appear. To sign in as an administrator, right-click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and select Run as Adminstrator.

  4. Complete the installation

    Wait for the warning message to appear. After it appears, select Yes. Doing so installs the needed certificate.