How Do You Fix a Scratched DVD?

How Do You Fix a Scratched DVD?

To fix a scratched digital video disc, buff the disc with peanut butter, rinse it with lukewarm water, blot it dry and repeat the process if needed. For stubborn scratches, sand the scratches with a disc sanding machine. Be sure not to scratch the disc further during polishing.

  1. Polish the disc

    Dab a teaspoon of peanut butter on a cotton cloth, and use the buttered cloth to rub the inner side of the disc. Rub in straight motions, working from the center to the outer edges of the disc in order to avoid gouging the imprinted lines.

  2. Rinse the disc

    Soak a clean cotton cloth with lukewarm water, and use the soaked cloth to wipe away the butter residue. Blot the disc dry with a dry soft cloth, and test the disc. If the scratches still exist, dip the disc in peanut butter for 10 minutes, and then wipe it off with a cloth soaked in warm water. Dry the disc, and test it again.

  3. Use a disc sanding machine if necessary

    Sand the disc to remove the stubborn scratches with a disc sanding machine, and wipe off the residue with a soft cloth. Test the disc, and repeat the process until all the scratches disappear.