How Do You Fix Red Eye Using IPhoto?

How Do You Fix Red Eye Using IPhoto?

When you take a photo with a flash, there is a possibility for redness to occur in people's pupils. To reduce red eye using iPhoto, first try using the quick fix feature. If red eye persists, manually remove the red eye using the Size slider.

  1. Open the photo in iPhoto

    Right-click on the photo that you want to edit. Select Open With and then iPhoto. The photo appears in iPhoto.

  2. Use the quick fix feature

    Click the Edit button. Select the Quick Fixes tab, which is located at the top of the Edit pane. Click Fix Red-Eye. If the software is able to detect faces in the photo, the red eye is automatically removed. If red eye persists, try removing the red eye manually.

  3. Remove red eye manually

    Drag the Size slider to create a circle that is the same size as the area with red eye. Left-click your mouse once the circle is positioned. Repeat this process until the red eye is removed.

  4. Save your photo

    After you have removed the red eye from the photo, click Done. The most recent version of your photo is automatically saved in iPhoto. Therefore, there is no Save button that you need to press.