How Do You Fix Problems With a Kindle Fire?


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To fix problems with a Kindle Fire, wipe the touch screen with a microfiber cloth, turn both the PC and Kindle off and then on again, and use an original Kindle Fire cable. Kindle users may have to get replacement tablets in the event of permanent damage.

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How Do You Fix Problems With a Kindle Fire?
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The keyboard typing erratically, skipping pages or deleting words is a common problem with tablets. To fix these problems, use a microfiber cloth to carefully clean the screen. Next, inspect the screen protector for bubbles, and ensure that the case is fitted correctly. If these steps don’t work, switch the device off and on again.

Another problem is the tablet not connecting to the PC. To fix this problem, switch both the tablet and PC off and then on again. Alternatively, work around the problem by using apps such as Dropbox to transfer files wirelessly. Ensure that the tablet is fully charged, and use a different USB cable connected to a different port.

Fix a tablet that does not charge by using an original Kindle Fire cable. Make sure the cable is working properly by charging a different device, and replace it if faulty. If these steps don’t work, gently move and push the cable to see if the charging light comes on. If it does, the tablet has a loose port and may need to be replaced.

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