How Do You Fix a Print Spooler?

How Do You Fix a Print Spooler?

Fixing a printer spooler is often as simple as restarting the computer and resending the print job. Occasionally, the printer spooler itself may become corrupt, and its contents must be cleared and reset to fix it.

  1. Open the Services window

    Close all applications that are connected to the print job, such as a word processor. Select the Windows Start button and type "services.msc" into the search box. Press Enter to open the Services window.

  2. Stop the print spooler

    In the list of Windows services, find the Print Spooler option. Right-click this option and select Stop on the pop-up menu. Minimize the Services window.

  3. Navigate the list of print jobs

    Click Start again and open the Computer pane. Double-click Local Disk (C:) in the folder menu. Open the Windows folder and navigate to the System32spoolPRINTERS subfolder. Open this subfolder to display a list of files for print jobs.

  4. Delete all of the files

    Select all of the print job files, and press the Delete key.

  5. Restart print spooler services

    Open the Services window, and right-click the Print Spooler service option. Select the Start option, and exit the window.

  6. Reprint the original print jobs

    Launch the intended application. The files should print as normal.