How Do You Fix an "NTLDR Is Missing" Error?


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Methods to fix an "NTLDR is Missing" error include a simple computer restart, checking the status of a boot data drive, checking drive settings in the BIOS file or restoring the NTLDR file from a Windows XP installation CD. Other methods include updating an outdated BIOS file on the motherboard or repairing the master boot record of the Windows XP operating system.

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NTLDR errors can be generated by a range of hardware and software reasons. If the hard drive or flash drive that the computer is trying to boot is not properly configured, the file will fail to load and cause an error. Other causes, such as improper file configurations or data corruption on the drive, can also lead to the error message being generated. Hardware issues such as damaged IDE cables or an outdated hard drive can also lead to NTLDR errors.

NTLDR errors are only generated on computers that use Windows XP. The message appears almost immediately after the computer is first started during the initial loading phases of the operating system. This error message is not applicable to devices that operate on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as they utilize a different function called BOOTMGR.

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