How Do You Fix a Laptop?


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A great way to fix a slow laptop is to speed up its hard drive, and you can easily do that on a Windows PC by defragmenting the hard drive. Old computers often fall subject to a cluttered hard drive, which severely increases lag times for loading software and files.

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  1. Set aside enough time for the defragmentation process

    Defragmenting a hard drive is a lengthy process and can potentially slow down your computer while it is in process. For this reason, it is advised that you set aside up to 2 hours of time when you will not need to use your computer. You may still be able to perform certain tasks during the process, but since your computer is already slow as it is, the safest choice is to avoid completing tasks during the process.

  2. Locate the disk defragmenter menu

    Locate "Disk Defragmenter" by going to the Start menu, selecting "All Programs", clicking on "Accessories", and then select, "System Tools."

  3. Defragment your disk

    Once the "Disk Defragmenter" opens, find the "Analyze Disk" button, and press it. This feature lets you know if defragmenting your hard drive will actually speed it up. When the program completes its analysis of your hard drive, press the "Defragment Disk" button to start the process.

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