How to Fix Internet Explorer Script Error?

An Internet Explorer script error can be fixed by verifying the active scripting software, removing temporary Internet files and installing the latest service packages that are available for Internet Explorer. These methods only need to be used after it is verified that script errors are occurring on all webpages.

Active scripting, along with ActiveX and Java, are the programs that dictate what a user sees when looking at a webpage. If these are not installed or running properly, the script may not be able to be read correctly. Users can make sure that their scripts are being shown to them properly by updating and installing script reading software.

Temporary Internet files may be stored on the computer as a result of the user opening a webpage. These files may disrupt the way that the scripting is read by the programs and may cause the programs to not be able to open properly. These can be removed from the computer by changing the settings in Internet Explorer.

Most Internet Explorer programs will automatically install the latest service packages, but it is sometimes necessary for users to manually install them. Users can look under the "updates" section of their program to find out if there are any updates that need to be installed. A script error could be caused by an out of date service package.