How Do You Fix Your Internet Connection?


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Fix an Internet connection by checking for obvious reasons for the problem, such as an unplugged cable or the Wi-Fi on your computer being turned off. Check to make sure the problem isn't a broken website link, a block from a firewall or incorrect configuration of your network. Cycle your system, and call your Internet provider if nothing else works.

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  1. Check cables and connections

    Check all your cables from your router box and computer. Make sure the Wi-Fi on your computer wasn't accidentally turned off.

  2. Try different websites

    Try going to different websites to make a specific site is not down for maintenance or other reasons. Manually type in the URL addresses, rather than clicking on links that may be broken.

  3. Check your computer settings

    Turn off your firewall to see if that may be preventing you from connecting to the Internet. If that solves the problem, manually go into the firewall and change the settings to allow you to access websites that are blocked.

  4. Cycle your system

    Turn off the router and any other equipment, and leave it off for a minute. Turn everything back on, and see if the reset allows you to connect to the Internet.

  5. Call your Internet provider

    Contact your Internet provider to see if there are any problems with your bill or if there is a outage in the area. Follow its instructions to get reconnected to the Internet.

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