How do you fix high CPU usage in Windows 7?


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To fix high CPU usage in Windows 7, open the Task Manager, identify which entries use too much processing power, and restart or disable them. Prevent unwanted processes from starting via the System Configuration dialog box, and disable unneeded services via the Services window.

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Right-click on the taskbar, select the Start Task Manager option, and open the Processes tab. Click on the Show Processes from All Users button, and click Yes when the UAC prompt appears. Click on the CPU column to sort the entries according to CPU usage, right-click on the entries with high CPU usage despite being inactive, and select the End Process option from the drop-down menu.

Open the System Configuration dialog box by pressing R while holding down the Windows key, typing ���msconfig��� in the Open field and clicking OK. Click on the Startup tab, uncheck the boxes next to items that you don���t use regularly, click OK, and restart your computer if prompted.

To disable unneeded services, click on the Start button, type ���services��� in the search field, and click on Services in the list of results. Click on the Startup Type column to identify which services start automatically, right-click on the ones you don���t use, and select the Properties option. Open the drop-down menu in the Startup Type section of the Properties dialog box, select the Manual or Disable option, click OK, and close the Services window.

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