How do you fix high CPU usage in Windows?


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To fix high CPU usage in Windows, press and hold the Control, Shift and Escape keys simultaneously, and click the Processes tab on the Windows Task Manager. Click the CPU column to view a list of running programs. Select a program that overworks the CPU, and then click End Process.

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In Windows 8, click End task to stop that particular program from running. End processes that take more than 80 percent of the CPU. If the problem persists, remove all external devices connected to the computer, and then check for the CPU usage on the Windows Task Manager window. Connect one device at a time to the computer to discover which device is causing high CPU usage.

Alternatively, click Start on the Windows task bar, click Run, type “msconfig” into the dialogue box, and press Enter. Click the General tab of the System Configuration Utility window, tick the check box next to Selective Startup, and then disable the box next to Load Startup Items.

Open the Services tab, tick the check box located next to Hide All Microsoft Services, and click Disable All. Click Apply, and then click OK. If this solves the problem, enable one program at a time to identify the one causing high CPU usage.

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