How Do You Fix a Frozen Screen on a Kindle?

How Do You Fix a Frozen Screen on a Kindle?

To fix a frozen screen on a Kindle, recharge the device, complete all current downloads, remove any accessories or restart the device, states If those do not work, a dirty device or a temperature change may be the culprit.

There are several problems that can make a Kindle screen unresponsive. To troubleshoot and fix a frozen screen, run through the following steps.

  1. Recharge the device
  2. Low battery levels can cause unresponsive screens.

  3. Complete all downloads
  4. Sometimes, screens are slow to respond or unresponsive when downloads are in progress. Let the device complete any downloads before trying to use it.

  5. Remove accessories
  6. Remove any screen protectors or cases and see if the device works without them. The accessories can sometimes interfere with the hardware, notes

  7. Restart the device
  8. If other fixes do not work, restart the power on the Kindle.

If the above fixes do not work, there are a couple of other fixes available. Kindles do not respond well to heat or very cold conditions. Let the device cool down or warm up to see if that makes the device respond. Dirt can also cause problems, so it may help to give an unresponsive device a good clean.

If the Kindle is frequently unresponsive or slow, try updating the software. If the software update does not work, reset the device.