How Do You Fix Your Family Mobile APN Settings?


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In general, you must locate the APN settings in your phone and set the correct APN settings to allow your phone to connect to Family Mobile's data services, which are available at MyFamilyMobile.com. Keep in mind that the exact process for fixing your Family Mobile APN settings depends on your phone's operating system.

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To set the correct APN settings for Family Mobile on an iPhone, locate the phone's Settings option. From Settings, select General Settings, then choose Networks. Use the option to turn on cellular data. Tap the Cellular Network heading, then choose APN. Use the following information to connect to Family Mobile's cell network.

First, change the APN to web.omwtoday.com, and leave the Username and Password fields blank.

Next, under the MMS heading, change the APN to web.omwtoday.com and, once again, keep the Username and Password fields blank. Now change the MMSC to wirelessfour.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc, and change the MMS proxy to Finally, change the MMS UA Prof URL field to apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf.

On Android, access the APN settings by choosing Wireless & Networks from your settings. Select Mobile Networks, then choose Access Point Names. Choose the option New APN. You may need to press the menu button on some Android models to find the New APN option. Then, change the following settings to connect to Family Mobile's cellular data.

First, change the Name to Family Mobile. Next, change APN to web.omwtoday.com. Then change the proxy to and the port to 8080. Now change MMSC to wirelessfour.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc. Make sure that MCC is set to 310 and MNC is set to 260. Leave all other fields blank or at the default positions, and save the configuration.

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