How Do You Fix Error Codes on a Mobile Phone?

The procedure for fixing errors associated with error codes on a mobile phone varies depending on the phone, the carrier and the error code. Common procedures for fixing errors include shutting down and restarting the function that is causing the error code, restarting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the program causing the error code, or contacting your phone carrier.

When fixing an error code problem, start by determining if it is a user issue or another type of issue. If it is a user issue, try one of the common fixes, clear data on the program you're using, or check the settings for possible resolutions. If it's another type of issue, you may be unable to fix it. For example, some error codes correspond to application or carrier issues which the application developer or the carrier must fix themselves.

Look for work-around methods to perform the same function. For example, if you receive an error code when attempting to install an application on your phone, try connecting your phone to a computer and installing the application through the computer instead.

Carriers typically provide information on common issues through an online help or support section, as of 2015. You can usually search that section of the site for the error code to get information on possible solutions. Alternatively, click the Contact Us link on the site, and choose a contact method, such as phone, email or live chat.