How Do You Fix a Cracked Tablet Screen?


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Replacing the whole screen is possible at home by gently removing the old screen from its casing and wiring and seating a new screen securely in place. Repairing a tablet screen at home is a very difficult task, however, and it is recommended that a professional repair a broken screen.

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How Do You Fix a Cracked Tablet Screen?
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To repair a tablet screen requires a heat gun, double-sided adhesive tape, various small screwdrivers, canned air, scissors and work gloves. The repairer also needs a replacement digitizer (the touch-sensitive screen) which can be purchased for the appropriate model online.

Take off the back cover of the device and pull out the main battery. Take off any wiring that is bound to the phone with adhesive by gently tugging on it. Unscrew the back frame and save the screws for reassembly. Remove any more cables that have been uncovered and remove the second set of screws that are now visible; save these screws as well. Wave the heat gun over the broken glass and carefully separate it from the front frame.

To apply the replacement screen, attach two-sided tape to any parts of the front frame that have lost their stickiness. Reattach any seals or foam padding, then thread the digitizer cable into place and attach the glass to the front frame by pressing it onto the two-sided tape. Remove any dust that may be on the frame or digitizer with canned air. Finally, carefully reassemble the device.

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