How Do You Fix Code 22 Errors?

Enabling the disabled device typically fixes the device manager's code 22 error. Restarting the computer, undoing recent changes to the computer and reinstalling the device drivers may also fix a code 22 error.

To fix a code 22 error, manually enable the device in the device manager. If the error persists, restarting the computer may resolve any temporary problems causing the device to malfunction. Recent changes to the system, such as installing a new device or modifying system settings, may also trigger a code 22 error, in which case the fix is to revert these changes. Other possible fixes to a code 22 error are updating the device drivers, clearing the CMOS to reset the BIOS settings and using a more recent version of the BIOS. The device itself may be faulty or incompatible with the computer, in which case a hardware replacement is necessary.

In several versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system, the code 22 error is one of many error codes that appear in the Device Properties window of the device manager. It displays the message that says, "This device is disabled." In most cases, the code 22 error appears because the user manually disabled the device. Windows may also disable the device if it lacks the system resources needed to operate the device efficiently.