How Do You Fix a CD-ROM Drive That Does Not Open?


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To fix a CD-ROM drive that fails to open, disable any locking device or software, or use a straightened paperclip to force the drive open, and remove the object that’s causing the problem. If both options fail, use the Eject command from the Computer or My Computer window, and make sure that the optical drive is connected to the power supply unit.

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To check if locking software is causing the problem, restart your computer and press the Eject button on the CD-ROM drive before the operating system boots up. If the drive opens normally, uninstall or disable the locking software or mechanism. If the Eject button on the drive is faulty, use the Eject key on your keyboard in case it features one, or click Start, click on Computer or My Computer, right-click on the CD-ROM drive and select the Eject option from the context menu.

If the drive still fails to open, find a paperclip, straighten it out and insert one end into the manual release hole that’s typically located near the Eject button. Make sure to disconnect the computer from its power source before trying this. Push the paperclip in gently until you feel the tray mechanism loosen. Grab the edges of the tray with your fingers, gently pull it out, and remove the disc or object that was obstructing the tray. If the drive still fails to open properly after removing the obstacle, open your PC case, and make sure that a power cable is connecting the CD-ROM drive to the power supply unit.

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