How Do You Fix a Broken Subwoofer Cone?

In order to repair a broken subwoofer cone, one must remove the woofer, construct a patch for the damage and then apply the patch with glue. Colored construction paper, adhesive, scissors, a screwdriver and minimal to no electronic skill are required. Repairing the cone is a simple process, but it often leads to compromised sound from the speaker.

Subwoofer cones are made with stiff paper similar to construction paper, making them easy to patch when damaged. The steps below show how to make a patch for a cracked subwoofer cone using colored construction paper. If the crack is extremely small, it can be glued back together without the use of a patch.

  1. Remove the woofer
  2. Remove the woofer from the speaker box using a Phillips head screwdriver. Disconnect any wires connecting the speaker to the box and measure the crack.

  3. Make a patch
  4. Using colored construction paper similar to the cone color, cut out a piece just large enough to cover the crack. If the patch is too large, it often compromises the sound integrity.

  5. Glue the patch
  6. Use a small paintbrush to apply a tiny amount of adhesive to the torn edges of the subwoofer cone. Apply the patch and hold it in place for two minutes. Apply glue to the inside of the crack and allow it to dry completely.