How Do You Fill Out the FOID Card Application Online?

How Do You Fill Out the FOID Card Application Online?

Fill out the Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) card application form online by visiting the official website of the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau and accessing the application form via This department website also enables users to perform a prior check of whether they are qualified to apply, states

A FOID card is a legal document that provides authorization for Illinois residents to possess or procure firearms and ammunition, notes To access the online FOID card application form, use an Internet-connected device and follow the steps provided below.

  1. Navigate to the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau website
  2. Open a Web browser and go to Access the eligibility rules and a list of application requirements by clicking on the Learn More link under the FOID Card header.

  3. Check for qualifications
  4. Click on the "Am I eligible?" link. Read through the eligibility rules and ensure there will be no grounds for disqualification later in the application process. Click on the "Checklist prior to applying" link to access a list of requirements, which include a valid driver's license, an electronic photograph and a payable check for $10 as of 2015.

  5. Register for an account
  6. Click on the Apply link. Click on the Register Now link to sign up with the Illinois State Police for a user ID. Provide information, including name, preferred user ID, email address, password and security questions with answers. Input the security code in the appropriate text field.

  7. Submit the registration form
  8. Click on the Next button to proceed. Follow further on-screen prompts to access the FOID application form. Complete the form with the required details and finish the application process.