How Do You Fill Out the Application for a Free Government Phone?


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Cell phone service providers participating in the free government phone program, or Lifeline Assistance, offer virtual or printable applications on their websites. Budget Mobile and Assurance Wireless are two such companies.

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There is no standard application for a free government phone, although most applications contain similar sets of questions. The questions on the application are meant to determine an applicant's eligibility for the receipt of Lifeline Assistance benefits, which include a cell phone and approximately 250 free texts and talking minutes per month for up to one year.

Depending upon the state an applicant lives in, eligibility for Lifeline Assistance benefits is contingent upon certain criteria, such as an open food stamps case or a specific income level. Individuals who complete a paper application for a free government phone can mail or fax the application. The appropriate mailing address and fax number are usually located on the website of the participating cell phone service provider.

Applicants must also mail or fax supporting documents to prove eligibility for the receipt of Lifeline Assistance benefits. These documents may include an eligibility letter from an authorized agency, a current benefits statement, a benefit ID card, a State or Federal income tax return, or an income statement from an employer.

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