Why Are Files Organized Into Folder Structures?


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With computers, file storage allows users to create a management system, broken down into a cascading hierarchy of folders, which makes it easier to organize and retrieve information. Storing files in folders helps users organize materials according to personal preferences and also improves the operation and efficiency of computer storage databases.

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Why Are Files Organized Into Folder Structures?
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Files contained in folders can be grouped in many ways. They can be arranged, for instance, by date, in alphabetical order or by type of document. In addition to facilitating organization, files stored in folders can also be duplicated and managed through catalog programs. This creates a backup system that allows files to be safely stored and retrievable in the event of a system failure. System users can store written documents and images in files as primary documents, then create backup copies that are stored remotely. The primary copies act as original versions of the documents while backup copies act as safety nets to keep records of file existences if primary files are lost. Having a method for organizing files electronically also allows for the expansion and management of larger portfolios and allows users to keep track of multiple projects or manage complex projects during a period of time. Regardless of project size, having a consistent filing method further facilitates file organization and management.

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