What Are Some File Types That Are Supported by Windows Media Player?


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Some file types supported by Windows Media Player include Windows Media formats (WMA, WMV), Windows Media Metafiles (WAX, ASF), Audio Visual Interleave (AVI) files and Audio for Windows (WAV) files. The player also supports CD audio tracks (CDA) and Indeo Video Technology files (IVF).

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The preferred Windows Media file format is ASF, or what is known as the Advanced Systems Format. With the correct codecs installed on a computer, ASF files play audio and video content and have the capability to stream both types of media. ASF, an extensible file format, also supports data delivery over a number of networks and protocols.

Windows Media Audio files are ASF files that include compressed audio data. WMVs can include audio and video data or both. WAV files allow Windows Media Player to store sounds as waveforms. Like the AVI and ASF formats, WAVs are just file containers, meaning the necessary codecs are needed.

For the first time ever, Windows Media Player 12 allows users to play QuickTime Movie files (MOV) as of 2015. The QuickTime file format was developed by Apple and it allows for the creation, editing and viewing of multimedia files. MP4 audio files also play on Windows Media Player 12, and they utilize AAC coding, also known as lossy compression.

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