How Do You Figure Out How to Run the Chkdsk Utility?


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Microsoft, the creator of Windows, provides instructions through its online technical support to help figure out how to run the chkdsk utility. The process differs depending on which version of Windows is currently installed on the computer in question.

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The support articles for checking a hard drive in Windows XP include step-by-step instructions for both running chkdsk through the command prompt, and checking the disk through My Computer or Windows Explorer. In contrast, the support articles for Windows 7 only provide instructions for checking a hard drive through Windows Explorer. For this reason, it is essential to know the operating system in order to find accurate instructions on how to run the chkdsk utility. The version of Windows currently on a computer can be checked simply by visiting the Microsoft website, which automatically detects it. The version my also be found by clicking the Start button, entering "computer" into the search box, right-clicking Computer, and clicking Properties.

In addition to the official Microsoft technical support, other online technical support sites, such as About.com, provide more general instructions for running the chkdsk utility. These instructions do not specify which version of Windows they work with, but provide instructions on checking a hard drive through My Computer, similar to the official Microsoft technical support.

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