What Does Fido Mobile Offer?

What Does Fido Mobile Offer?

Fido Mobile is a cell phone service provider that offers a variety of both cell and home-based phone contracts, as well as SIM cards and accessories for mobile devices ranging from cell phones to tablets. The company offers both standard and smart plans for tablets and cell phones.

Like many other cell providers, Fido offers discounts for customers that take long-running contracts. In most cases, the longer the contract, the more savings are passed to the customer. For example, the 2-year Tab24 agreement can be applied to any smart or standard contract purchased from Fido, and it passes $200 worth of savings on to the customer when they choose their phone.

Fido also offers a number of other benefits to customers. Firstly, all plans include free evening and weekend calls to anywhere in Canada, and this extends to picture, text and video messages (which are also free to send internationally).

If customers are able to provide their own unlocked cell phone when purchasing a contract with Fido, then they are eligible for a 10 percent discount on monthly plan charges.

The highest data plan, which provides 5GB of data free per month, costs $94, as of March 2015. Additional data is charged at $5 per 250MB that goes over the limit, however.