What Are Some of the Features of Windows 8?

What Are Some of the Features of Windows 8?

Windows 8 features several key system upgrades from its predecessor, Windows 7, such as larger cloud storage capabilities and responsive full screen applications. It also includes immersive tiled layouts and native software enhancements.

Cloud storage is a central core feature in Windows 8, allowing users to sync their data, documents, pictures, music and videos to other Windows 8 devices. The operating system also supports the cloud integration of users' email, calendars, contacts and some third-party applications.

Windows 8 redefines the Windows user-experience with an array of new visual, touch-enabled interfaces. Users can switch between a Metro, tiled interface and the traditional Windows desktop view. This operating system is compatible with Windows tablets, desktop and notebook computers.

The Metro view allows users to multitask and run applications side by side for the first time on a Windows operating system. Additionally, applications optimized for the tablet view open in full screen, and many full screen applications respond to touch-based gestures, such as the pinch-to-zoom gesture. Also, users can rearrange or delete tiles as it suits them.

The classic Windows desktop offers a familiar appearance aside from a hidden Start menu. To activate the Start menu, users simply need to move the cursor to the bottom left portion of the screen and click.

Microsoft released Windows 8 in 2012. Microsoft is an American technology company headquartered in Washington.