What Features Does a Walkie-Talkie Cell Phone Have?


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The main features of a walkie-talkie cellphone are the use of the 466 MHz band, a durable exterior and there is no cost in communicating with other walkie-talkie users. Walkie-talkies also incorporate privacy codes that enhance privacy between users.

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Walkie-talkies operate on the 466 MHz band, which is classified as a UHF band. This band has no interference and makes walkie-talkies an efficient mode of communication. Walkie-talkies operate within a 3.7-mile to 7.5-mile radius, making them suitable for hiking in areas where a mobile signal is absent. There is no cost in using a walkie-talkie to communicate with other walkie-talkie users within range, which is why they are commonly used by security services who need to be in constant communication.

Most walkie-talkies, with the exception of toy walkie-talkies, are made with a tough and durable exterior that lengthens their life span. Most walkie-talkies are also water-resistant and have a LED light for night use. Walkie-talkies mostly use rechargeable batteries, which allow for long usage time. Another feature of walkie-talkies is the ability to use privacy codes. Privacy codes let users divide a channel into several sub-channels, which can range from 38 to over 100. This guarantees privacy for the walkie-talkie users.

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