What Are the Features of a Star Choice Satellite Dish?

What Are the Features of a Star Choice Satellite Dish?

The Star Choice satellite dish offers up to 450 channels, access to Instant Pay Per View movies and events, and a variety of programming packs. This satellite dish uses high-quality Motorola hardware and includes an onscreen interactive programming guide.

The Star Choice satellite dish system features top-quality digital television technology and uses a signal compression technique to transmit large amounts of information efficiently. This results in crisp images and sound quality. In addition, it allows users to customize their satellite dish entertainment packs.

Some features of Star Choice's interactive onscreen guide include easy-to-find programs, the ability to hide unsubscribed channels and the ability to create lists of favorite channels. In addition, the guide features detailed information regarding the star ratings and performers of various programs.

Star Choice's advanced high-definition video recording feature lets customers record hours of programming and customize recordings as desired. It allows users to pause and rewind live television and also features digital music channels. In addition, the Star Choice satellite dish allows customers to view programs at different times of day.

Star Choice uses three broadcast satellites: the Anik F1, Anik F2 and Anik G1. These satellites are located in geosynchronous orbit 23,000 miles above Earth.