What features should you look for in Verizon cellphone plans?


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The features in a Verizon cell phone plan should meet the needs of the individual, such as talk time, data usage, web capabilities, coverage, text and sharing. Verizon offers prepaid plans, single line plans, business plans, home services and a "more everything" plan that offers the ability to select unlimited usage.

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What features should you look for in Verizon cellphone plans?
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The "more everything" plan from Verizon offers features such as the ability to add up to 10 devices, up to 100 GB of data that is shared between the devices on the plan and unlimited text and talk time.

Single line plans offer unlimited text and talk and allow the user to customize the amount of data they have connected to the plan. The single line plans offer up to 2 GB of data to start, with the ability to add more when necessary.

For business owners, the Verizon business plan allows an unlimited number of devices to be placed on the plan and the plan owner can determine how much data is shared between the devices. The plan offers customization of the entire plan from one single account.

For users who do not want a contract, Verizon offers a prepaid plan option. There is no annual contract, no activation fee, no credit checks and consumers still receive the same features of other plans, such as flexibility, service on America's largest 4G Lite network, the ability to share photos, upload music, stream movies and videos, send and receive e-mails, texts, images and phone calls, voice mail services and use of Google Maps through the phone's GPS.

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